Can You Unlock iPhone 4 ios 5

It is important to unlock an iPhone to enable it to be used in any network of a certain location without limits. You must have the knowledge to answer the question, “Can you unlock iPhone 4 iOS 5n?” You must first update your iOS 5.0 firmware to an unlockable state. If you are intending to unlock iPhone iOS 5n, you can try to use the ultrasnow. One should follow the following steps keenly in order to come out with a successful unlocking process.

Before you begin with the steps, you should make sure that iOS 5.0.1 firmware is running on your iPhone 4 and your iPhone is jail broken, this is considered as the first step.

The second step is launching of the cydia. Launching of the cydia is done from your springboard. After making sure that cydia is running, one should then go into the source page and tap “manage” followed by sources. The forth step is making sure that ultrasnow is included in the cydia and if it is not included you can tap the edit tab followed by the add button and you should then enter the ultrasnow URL source; this will cause cydia to refresh and update sources. This assist in bringing up the search tab where one is required to enter ultrasnow for searching. After searching for the ultrasnow you should then look out for install button and install ultrasnow in your iPhone 4 iOS 5n. The last step is restarting the iPhone and your iPhone will be unlocked. With the steps one can be proven right on, can you unlock iPhone 4 ios 5?

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