Can You Unlock iPhone 4 for T-mobile Network

Most of the iphones are bought on contract from the network operator they were originally bought. On the end of the contract, one may opt to renew the contract, using the iphone on a different network or even using it as a prepaid phone on a different network. Before the phone s used on another network or a different sim card it must be unlocked. Most people then ask themselves the question of can you unlock iphone 4 for t-mobile. This is possible but after following a series of procedures as explained below.

One should call the mobile operator that supplied the iphone and request them for the iphone unlock code. They make requests for details such as the cell phone number and the email address to send the code and the unlocking instructions. When the mobile provider sends the unlocking code, follow the instructions they give. The instructions usually differ with the mobile provider. The instructions are sent through the email address offered and can sometimes take a longer period to arrive of up to two weeks. Hold the power button on the top of the screen to switch the iphone off. Replace the existing sim card with your T-Mobile sim card and turn the iphone on. When the iphone reboots it gives the answer to the question of can you unlock iphone 4 for t-mobile. The device connects with ease to the t-mobile network and one can make or receive a call.

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