Can You Text with an iPod Touch

There are many great reasons to purchase and use an iPod touch. But who wants to carry around another electronic device? Can you text with an iPod touch? This would be a great convenience to the on-the-go generation. And the answer is that you can text through the iPod touch as long as you have downloaded the correct applications. There are three very popular apps that can be used to equip the ipod touch with the ability to text.

Textplus can be downloaded from the App Store. This application will allow texts to be sent to individual contacts or to several people at one time. This is a nice feature as it can save the user quite a bit of time when they need to get information to a group of people. Sending a group text saves time so that the message does not have to be sent multiple times for everyone to get it.

TextNow is a free application for the iPod touch. After installation the iPod touch will be able to send text messages to added contacts. These messages are displayed in a bubble style like an IM so it is very easy to keep track of conversations. Just by touching a contact the entire history of messages that have been sent and received will be displayed.

AIM is another free application that iPod touch users can use to send messages. The user signs in with their AIM screen name and then any contacts can be sent messages. The user can receive messages and then they can reply to them all through the AOM app that can be downloaded onto the iPod touch.

These are just three of the more popular applications that are available for the iPod touch that allows users to send and receive text messages for no cost. They are not included on the iPod when it is purchased. They must be downloaded by using a Wi-Fi connection.

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