Can iPad2 Be Used as a Phone

The iPad2 has a distinct feature of the ability to use face time to make video calls. The question that bothers is how can iPad2 be used as a phone to make a call. One uses Wi-Fi connection one can then make calls with either of the devices two cameras. One has a strong internet connection to be able to call someone with FaceTime. This could be someone with an iPad2 or one with iMac or iBook that has face time included. One tap FaceTime on the iPad 2 to open it and create a new account if you did not have an existing Apple identification. Following the on-screen prompts one enters the email account that other people will call as personal address. Next, tap the FaceTime icon on the home screen and enter the Apple ID and password if one had not entered before. It is followed by password. One verifies the email address that they want people to call on. It could be similar to the same as one for Apple identification.

One enters new contacts to the iPad2 by pressing”+” which prompts one to enter name, email address and the phone numbers of the contact. One selects the contact of new or existing person and the email address is pressed to start a FaceTime call. Video chat appears on the screen and one can be able to adjust the camera and have different camera orientation by toggling between the back and front cameras. It is still possible to use other application of the iPad2 while still on the call. The FaceTime call clearly answer people’s question of can iPad2 be used as a phone.

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