Can iPad be used as a Phone?

Many people use the iPad just for entertainment but have you ever asked yourself, “Can iPad be used as a phone?” There is an answer for this question. Due to the improvement of technology, the iPad can be used to access the 3G internet. However, the iPad cannot be used for voice calls in GSM or CDMA. This does not however limit the iPad to make calls because one can make calls through the internet by the use of the iPads. The calls that are made through the internet are of high quality thus advocating for the advantages of the iPads.

The iPad is a fascinating device that can multi-task. It can perform several functions at the same time without hanging up. It can act as a personal organizer, laptop and a media player in general. Various applications in the iPad can make someone make calls directly from the iPad. An example of these applications is the Google talk. One can make calls through the Google talk, which is a VOIP application. The other form of application is the Skype, this allows a video call whereby the people who are communicating can view each other through the iPad. The other application in the iPad that allows voice calls is the iCall, this allows VIOP calls and it is commonly used in Canada and the United States of America. Therefore, the above applications give answers to the question, “can iPad be used as a phone?”

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