A Step by Step Guide on How to Find a Lost iPod

Often iPods become a target to thieves because they are small, easy to snatch and expensive gadgets. Their small size also makes it easy to loose. The owners should therefore know how to find a lost iPod. The owner should first after purchase registers the iPod with Apple through their website enabling them keep a record of the iPods serial number so that it can be easily traced when lost. One creates an Apple identification name and password. When lost and apple is informed of the lost and found iPod they intern inform the owner of the found iPod through the listed telephone number on the profile.

One can also obtain registration of their iPod with iguard, gadget track or lost iPod site who offer online protection software. They help one to locate the stolen iPod when the iPod is connected to a computer with internet connection, giving the personal computer user name, the computers IP address, the city and state where it is being used. The information is sent to the owner through the email address. The owner of a lost iPod can post an advertisement on the media describing the lost gadget, the place one lost the iPod and the time offering a reward if returned. One can also report the stolen iPod to the police giving them the description and serial number of the lost device to increase the chances of getting it.

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