3 tips how to use KoBo Touch more than a simple eReader

eReader has became an embarrassing tablet products in today’s market since the iPad came out. With the time gone, I have to say eReader still occupied a tiny space in this market. Their target customers are those who really use it as a portable book and do not want any other complicated functions. So compare to the Nook or Kindle, KoBo is no doubt the simplest eReaders we have seen in the market. They have 3 generations: KoBo WiFi, KoBo Touch and KoBo Vox. Personally I like KoBo Touch much better, because the KoBo WiFi is the first generation which it isn’t a touch screen. Vox is quite like the android tablets like others, and LCD screen is harmful for readers’ eyes. KoBo touch small, sleek and simple,with E-ink technology. Make it more like reading a real book.

Although KoBo Touch is simple and easy to use, there are some other small tips for the users to go with.

kobo touch size

We are glad to hear that most cities’ library now offers free e-books for users to download. Users could access the books from world wild easily. KoBo supports EPUB format, PDF format. The users could contact local library for specific steps to download ebooks to KoBo, some of them may allow users to download ebooks directly from website.

Also Newspaper and PC magazine are available on KoBo. It offers users two week free trial for those subscriptions. After that it will cost you $3/m to hook on those issues. The price is quite reasonable.

Another, the KoBo app could be found in most mobile device now. So if the KoBo is not with the users, they could access the Kobo library through their mobile device. Then sync books from them.

Using your KoBo also could buy the new books from the Kobo store. It directly charges the user from their online account. Reach your new book information anywhere.

I strongly recommend readers to buy Kobo’s Touch eReader. Since it is only one aim for you that is bring large amount of books with you everywhere, and read with Eink comfortably. Those who chase for more functions and entertainment apps, please go check tablets. If you are a quite simple reader,only for reading, Kobo Touch is your ideal choice.Good Friday sale only $109.99, official price is $139.99. Visit 123InkCartridges to have one.



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    Sorry not able to search for books I want yet….still in the search dept.

    any tips gratefully accepted. CQ 2012


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