10 Slick Future Laptop Concept & Design: How Laptops Will Look Like In The Future?

Laptop now doesn’t have to look exactly as we expect them to look like. In fact, designers have been working on a number of interesting concepts which have somehow still wander between in the prototyping stage and the production stage.  Nevertheless, we still have the reason to believe that they will be rolled out sometime in the future cuz nothing is impossible, what’s important the most is the innovative and revolutionary idea!

Below we present 10 fascinating and sleek concept of future laptop which will utterly widely open up your mind:

1. Apple’s MacBook 0801 laptop is designed by Isamu Sanada. It’s more like the black version of Macbook Air but the keyboard is transparent and ultra thin.



2. Sony’s Vaio Zoom adopts everything we know about holographic technology for building its touchscreen. This thin glass squeezed inside gets transparent when turned off and then the keyboard goes opaque. And again users could take advantage of the charming of holographic while turned it on. Even the mouse is transparent either!



3. Sung-kyu Nam’s DesCom laptop is a 2-in-1 laptop which integrate your lap into the desk surface. But the problem is what you gonna do with this whole big thing once the laptop ‘s dead or should be repaired?



4. MacTab is the high-end complement of Mybook. The ultra thin wireless mouse could amazingly act as a protection cover for transportation by means of magnet buckled tightly with groove.  Moreover, a hinge on the back of laptop allows it to be put in a vertical position, a better and more convenient way for you to use.



5.LG  E-Book Laptop has been reveived a Red Dot Award nomination of “Best Concept Design” for it uses the concept of fuel cell batteries and OLED display technology



6. Felix Schmidberger’s Compenion laptop has 2 OLED touch screens. Actually the second OLED is a slider “hiding” underneath the upper one and can be moved forward to be used when necessary.  Looking like you have a keyboard or working control similar to set up with 2 monitors.



7. Samsung’s Amoled unique design  incorporate the portraits of ultra thin, sleek and touchable keyboard together. What’s worthy to mention is that there’s lack of touching feedback of Amoled keyboard.



8. Satellite Navigation Laptop is a concept for travelers by Nikita Golovlev.It’s a GPS enabled navigation system having factions of photo taking along the your journey  and picture storing . What’s more the tag function will allow GPS add data on your pic to tell you where you took them.



9. Canvas concept laptop does its best to provide high quality for designers and help artists to get  higher efficiency as well.  The most highlighted feature of this notebook is light and thin. Every parts of it including touchscreen is conforming with this fundamental base.



10.Canova’s dual screen concept of Laptop is for sure has two display and both of them are highly sensitive. It’s very easy for using it to deal with your daily routine work and moreover, allowing users to browse their fav articles just like they are reading the newspapers.



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