what are the new features for the new iPad ?

Apple has finally announced the new ipad release date yesterday in San Franciso, their “resolutionary new iPad” will be launched on March 16, so for the people who is wondering what are the differences between iPad 2 and this new iPad, please read the following in-depth description:

The differences between iPad 2 and the new iPad

Faster processor: According to engereer specialists, the shaper resolution the graphic is, the more powerful processor that it will have to implement, so for the enhancing the graphical experience, the new iPad will implement the A5X qualcore chip, in comparison to its previous dualcore processor.

High efficiency video and picture taking: As known as by its iSight camera, it comes with its 5 megapixels and also the video capabilities will be highly improved, it has the advance option and light sensor which will automatic detect the light, white balance and even the face detection for you, from now you can record the 1080p HD video and at the same time capture whatever important moments for you everywhere you got your new ipad.

Voice dictation:Currently available in English, French, German and also Japanese.

4G LTE: The previous version iPad was confined with the 3G network, right now with the 4G LTE functionality, the new generation iPad will greatly enhanced the download speed and upload speed.

Retina display:Even thought the new version does not named iPad HD, however, with its retina display feature, the resolutionary iPad will have an extremely sharpe resolution, with the display of 3.1 million pixels, it will turn out this device to become an image beast.

New color: the previous version of iPad had a silver back cover, however, the new version of iPad will have both the black or white sleek, confirmed by Tim Cook.

So guess what is the only thing that will not change? The price.

The apple announced that the resolutionary new iPad will start at $499, as well as the iPad 2 when it was launched.


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