Welcome Spring with Hip Street 4GB MP3 Player Full of Music.

Here comes the vivi and vital spring. We are surely that everyone would like to welcome the spring with Music anywhere anytime you like. Hip Street 4GB MP3 Player can at the same time bring you beautiful music and satisfy you with it’s special characteristics. It is new arrival of 123ink.ca at price $29.99.


This Hip Street 4GB MP3 player with display is mini-sized yet lets you store tons of your music! Also Hip Street MP3 enable you listen to music anytime as this MP3 player holds up to 4GB of your favourite tunes. With 7 equalizer presets, listen to your tunes the way you want to. This 4GB MP3 will display Lyrics when you listening any sound text. The Hip Street MP3 continue work upto 6 hours and battery is chargeable.


Included are a covenient intergrated slide out USB connector and tough anodized metallic housing for durability. Also, this MP3 player is Micro SD memory card expandable. The most encouraging thing is that the price is really nice. Only $29.99 is enough.

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