Spring Dress for Your Notebook is HERCULES XPS Diamond 2.0 USB Speaker.

The spring comes with fragrant and light-footed step. Give up the ponderous equipment for your notebook and It’s time to decorating your Notebook with our HERCULES XPS Diamond 2.0 USB Speaker to have a expeditious dressing. It finally reached 123ink.ca with a cheap price at $47.99.

HERCULES XPS Diamond 2.0 USB Speaker have a outstanding appearance due to the Diamond outlook design. Small size and super audio configuration. It match any exquisite laptop. HERCULES XPS Speaker bring you relax feeling and decorate your desk at the same time work as speaker. Attractive look catched all your eyes and bring you to the vive sound world.

Except the flowery appearance, this Diamond Speaker is not only a Margaret accessory. It bring you unbelievable convenience you cannot image.


Full USB: power and audio via one single USB cable, ensuring unequalled ease of use

Wired mini-remote control for volume setting s (+ / – / Mute)

Clear ABS base – the satellites seem to float in mid-air.

Wired remote control


 No need to cost Hundreds to own a Nice Diamond 2.0 USB Speaker, $47.99 is a really nice price that you may want to own it without any concern of the cost. Click Here for more!

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