Spider Portable Projection PC


There is no doubt projection would be used widely in the future. Have you ever seen the sixth sense invented by an Indian guy Pranav Mistry on The TED?  It is amazing that we don’t need bring any device with us outside, which use any natural and exit places as the interface directly. It is certain that such a day will come one day. As the technology we have now, we already see the projection bluetooth keyboard sold in the market. So new concept projection portable PC is under developed now. Let’s see the general idea primarily.

It was design by Yanko design. It may looks like spider. There are 3 foldable legs which is easy to carry with. On the top, once the mirror head opens, the projection is directed towards any interface you have. And another function is it basically could be used as a phone and mobile device. Well, but there is no keypad for calling, that might still under design.

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