Skin Case For iPhone –Angry bird

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angry bird

angry bird case

With IPHONE4 the hot debut, the manufactures have also introduced different models IPHONE case. Many people enjoy in angry bird play game, so you can choice an angry bird enclosure. Protect mobile role, but also a unique personalized ornaments, red, black and blue three bird looked very cute, as angry bird loyal fans, what else than the skin case can show our unique identity? You don’t worry its quality; it made from plastic hard and the surface use polishing and painting, so feels very smooth. Because image printed using crystal clear enamel coating for long lasting effect, so there isn’t color or burrs phenomenon. At the same time, the installation of case is very easy, put iPhone4 on the case, and then gently press iPhone4, that’s ok.  Installed iPhone4, each interface is just right and its thickness looks still very thin. In addition, you can attract people’s attention when you pulled out iPhone4 of wearing angry bird coat. The skin case can also provide a good feeling when you play game.

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