Simens A510A-2 DECT cordless phone, what a good home helper!

Simens A510A-2 DECT cordless phone is high-tech product and a good hand at home, if you want a GREAT phone with a little EXTRA you can’t beat this phone. Now offer you the excellent price $89.99.

cordless phone

cordless phone

The Gigaset A510A is the stylish phone with an answering machine that offers high-quality design and features. It has a large, illuminated, 1.8 inches display that makes reading and navigating the menu clear and easy.

simens cordless phone

simens cordless phone

Well-equipped telephone with an answering machine. It features a best-in-class, Gigaset cordless phone features Eco Mode Plus and a low power consumption, brilliant sound quality with HSP, plus an integrated answering machine with 25 minutes of recording time. nsures that missed callers can leave their voice messages.


With its stylish, high-quality design, the answering machine is appealing not only in terms of looks but also in terms of handling. The comfortable, touch-sensitive keypad allows for precise, easy dialling. It offers the perfect fusion of quality technology, refined design and easy-to-use features the ideal phone for any family`s house.

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