Saitek Eclipse Lite Touch Wireless Keyboard will be our 4th gift contest prize!

Before introducing our blog for Saitek Eclipse Lite Touch Wireless Keyboard, I wanted to thank for everyone`s afford to support our contest event, without you, we won`t really go this far, so today we 123InkCartridges are introducing our Saitek Eclipse Keyboard in a more customer perspective manner, for the one who still hasn`t join our Lucky Spring gift contest, you should definitely do so, there are still plenty gifts are still waiting for you, make sure you do not miss it!

Saitek Eclipse Lite Touch Wireless Keyboard

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Just like what other people used to do, personally, I do use keyboard a lot, in the day, I spend many hours on computer because of my job, in the night, mostly I use keyboard for game, so basically because the heavy amount of computer usage, what I need is not just a whatever keyboard but the keyboard that the one that can have 1)convenient features, the 2)comfortable for your hand, 3) design and size, the Saitek Eclipse Lite Touch Wireless Keyboard has perfectly meet three of my criteria in term of the highly quality wireless keyboard. I guess those are also the reasons what people are looking before choosing their desirable wireless keyboard.

keyboard numeric pad

keyboard numeric pad

By pursuing my minimalist believe, I choose things are not much in size and also easy to storage and versatile no matter if is in the living room or the office. The Saitek Eclipse Lite Touch`s state-of-the-art minimalist design really astonished me, starting from its 360 degree trackball which intergrated in the keyboard, the intelligent power control, long battery life and also its perfect slim design, I really can`t have any complain about this product with the amazing price since it will pretty much mean the $150+ keyboard if is from other brands.

 Saitek Eclipse wireless keyboard

Saitek Eclipse wireless keyboard

This Saitek Eclipse Keyboard implemented the 2.4GHz connection, the most interesting features what I found out is their LCD 3-in-1 touch panel which gives you a even precise device control over your digital life. Just with a single click on the keyboard, the LCD 3-in-1 touch panel can be able to switch into medial, numeric-pad or even `MyyEclipse`mode which grant you a host of multiple commanded that you will need from the multitude activities from your daily life without hassels, with that `MyyEclipse`Mode you will able to access your preferable application and web site from the drag and drop process, it is very powerful and easy to use, so you should definitely get it if you ever have the chance.

  • litetouch™ LCD touch-sensitive Media Panel.
  • Trueview™ backlit keys.
  • Low profile quiettouch™ scissor keys
  • 2.4GHz wireless; Up to 30ft / 10m range
  • Intelligent power control, extending battery life
  • Slim profile: A full sized keyboard for a compact space

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