Office 2012 will come next year to tablet and PC ?


Windows 8 has been warmly welcomed as soon as the customer review version released last month. And most users agreed that it would be run better on the tablets than PC do. Now it is said that the Office 2012 will come next year and it also would navigate on tablet sparser and easier. There are many apps such as iWork to be used on iPad as a document processer. But if the new office will come for the windows system tablet next year, which must be a lot expectation for the users and a right time to inspect windows 8 roundly.

The new Office will be named “Wave 15” or “Office 15”, but it still unlike to be the final name. According the source, the new office will tend more social network and video integrations, also much cleaner interface to match the Metro UI of Win 8. It will keep the ribbon on the top ,but there will be a series mail, calendar and contact buttons in the side.  For the outlook and PowerPoint, it also would be a whole new experience for users.

And there will be a new app called Moorea used place images,text and links to Word documents on a tiled layout. And this new app also come HTML interfaces for content. The app will be integrated to carry JavaScript and HTML 5 is under develop.

We are looking forward that the familiar but new Word processor to come our tablet and PC. It absolutely improve the function of the tablets, since the document processor apps being used on the tablet are still too simple. Here is the leaked source, we will see in the future though.


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