New reusable shopping bag from

Reusable shopping bag of

Reusable shopping bag of

‘Eco-responsible’ way to support environmental protection!, the Canada No.1.Online ink store, has unveiled a new reusable bag at the beginning of March in 2012.

The new bags, also recyclable, will help shoppers across Canada make a greener choice by offering a reusable alternative to plastic bags when shopping from The bag is made by OPP lamination, which is recycling material, waterproof and light weight.

The new reusable bag is further proof of 123inkcartridges’ commitment to sustainable development: reducing on the number of plastic bags is important for our future.

The company believes that being responsible to earth will be their priority in consider to company’s growth. They have already unveiled several other major initiatives, including adoption more green technologies in the working environment and offer lots of eco-friendly products to the public. “We want to become the environmentally responsible benchmark in Canada’s online business.” Said Jack Zhan, the CEO of, “And it made a lot of sense combine our shopping bag with our eco-commitment. ”

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