Look Out Birds! Cuz Nyan Cat is coming after……lol lol lol =^+^=

I admit that Angry Bird is a boom recently, especially after the roll out of Angry Birds Space, everybody’s now talking about the bird crew shooting off to space to beat against the pig enemy once again.  But about one year ago, an animated cartoon cat called Nyan cat with the body of a Pop-Tart and a rainbow tail behind it while flying through space has became an Internet meme though an uploaded YouTube video . And now, this lovely and funny Cat will shortly turn one year old. In order to celebrate its birth, the video game called Nyan Cat Adventure compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and also iPad has been released.  Now that everyone’s favourite rainbow-trailing and half-Pop-Tart cat has its own app!  It has five modes to challenge and eight characters of different dressing up to pick, including Nyan Cat dressed as a waffle, a ninja or even a Game Boy!  In this side-scrolling adventure world, your mission is to help the cat navigate through space, find power-ups, and avoid obstacles. This is absolutely a delicate and addictedold old school style loving game, which rises you memory with classic Super Mario game. Different Nyan cats and various play styles could absolutely grab your heart!


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