Logitech wireless touchpad: A stylish and ideal companion for you!

Logitech Wireless Touchpad

Logitech Wireless Touchpad

Recently Logitech has released a “special “designed wireless mouse. We call it special by reason of it’s actually a multi-touch wireless connection tablet while it is still been put into the mouse sort.  We 123ink.ca offer you this stylish companion for PC, laptop or tablet by $57.99 with free shipping.

Wireless Touchpad provide the multi-touch navigation and Instinct gestures manipulation technology which will make your way to do the web surfing easier than ever. You can point, scroll and swipe by using up to 4 fingers to give your command.  Browsing becomes more fun when your fingers are freely wondering on the large, 5-inch surface!  Plus,This multi-touch touchpad hasa tiny receiver which stays in your laptop could allow to receive 2.4GHz long-range wireless signal which eliminate delays, dropouts and interference these disturbing things  in order to assure you a more comfortable and rapid surfing environment.  Moreover, you don’t need to be worry about the battery thing for the reason that it can last for four months without the hassles of changing batteries.

Does this Logitech wireless touchpad sounds pretty nice? Then never hesitate to visit our website 123ink.ca to get this good deal at $57.99 only with free shipping service!

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