Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard For iPad

Logitech wireless bluetooth keyboard

It is nothing more than lightweight and easy going important to a keyboard for tablet. Logitech Bluetooth wireless keyboard for iPad is quite one that satisfied those two requirements. Also it is versatile in other respects.

This keyboard is come with a cover for protecting it from scratching. The cover also could be the stand of user’s devices. As it is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, it could be used anywhere within 30 feet of your tablet. The keyboard weighs with 4AAA batteries is 14.04 ounce, width 11.3’’, length 0.62’’.  It is well compact with the traditional keyboards, and also including play keys along.

Generally, the keyboard for tablet nowadays is quite similar; they all have their unique and special design. Logitech Bluetooth Wireless keyboard may the design you like. It looks absolutely cool and stunning. 123InkCartridges now offer you the lower price $75.99, and shop over $49 is no shipping fee. The official price is $79.99. Hurry to get one.

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