How to remove bubbles from the screen protector

Screen protector bubbles” are the most common problem that we often encounter while we are installing screen protector on our mobile device or pc equipment, in most of the case, the sticky film that you use it for scratch prevention often gives you trouble while you realize that the “air bubbles” are protruding from the screen after placing the screen protector film, so in order to remove the bubble issue from the screen protector , today we 123inkcartridges will show you some loophole and trick how to install your screen protector in a more efficient manner.                                  

If you have not yet applied the screen protector 

To remove the air bubbles from the screen protector, you will need to

1.    Power off your device and set it aside the new screen protector that you will be applying.
2.    Use a microfiber cloth or lay strips of scotch tape over your screen for removing dust on the screen.
3.    Apply your screen protector in the direction that were provided from the manual, the best way to do it is using your driver’s license or credit card to smooth out and push out the bubbles slowly that appear on the screen. In most case, the bubble from the screen protector will be instantly removed.

If you want to re-apply the screen protector 

1.    Power off the device.
2.    Use the edge of driver’s license or credit card to press out bubbles from screen protector. Warning: Do not press too hard on the screen protector because it might cause inner damages. You could also simply heat the protection film with a blow dryer to make it softer but make sure no to overheat the film. Recommended in the direction starting from the centre toward the edges.
3.    If the bubble in the screen protector still didn’t come out, remove the film and put it in a rubbing alcohol solution that mixed with soap and water, re-apply again the above processes.
4.    Use the driver’s license or credit card to smooth down the newly applied film, wait for at least thirty minutes so the solution will be evaporated and you should be able to attach the screen protector without bubbles.


Let us know if the above solution did work for you!

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