Concept Digital tool box – Fujitisu Concept Lifebook 2013

Several years ago, I was the absolutism of using each individual digital device separately, which means there are many stuff in my bag: cell phone, camera, laptop, MP3, e-Books, sometimes e-dictionary also. Although iPhone had cracked out of world at that time, I still didn’t believe that the multifunction device would be performed professional and excellent in everything.

With the development of the technology today, we are getting used to have multifunction digital device like smart phones. It is easy and convenient, but the limitations are also obvious. Carrying smart phone with sacrificing big screen; impossible taking out tablet without cell phone; missing lens for shooting with the laptop. We still have to carry 2 or more digital stuffs with us every day.

Fujitsu Concept Lifebook 2013 comes those things together and carry those all just like a normal notebook. As I see it, this Lifebook more like a digital “tool box.” Including laptop, tablet, phone, and camera together and all of those are detachable. They all have their own slots to place in so that they could incorporate the CPU and storage space used by the laptop. Moreover, sharing or syncing the data of each device without any wires right away. Another aspect is the tablet could be the QWERTY keyboard when users want to work it as a laptop.

The meaning of a concept gadget is always over product itself. This Lifebook is a laptop computer concept based on the principle of “ shared hardware”.It might be a brainstorm or an experiment of the new market.  It also reports new trend of IT product today. But everything should be based on the slogan of “Science Originates From Human Being”. We will keep an eye on the Fujitsu concept Lifebook 2013. One day we might no burden of every those devices,just like SixthSense we saw on TED.


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