Best price TV floor stand for 30” – 50″ load 60kg with limited quantity!

TV floor stand

Looking for TV floor stand? Coming to our is your best choice. Today we will introduce you a TV floor stand for 30” – 50″ load 60kg. Only cost $126.39.

This TV floor stand is an ideal Living Room Furniture. It is designed for durability, ease, and style. The physical appearance of our TV floor stand is simple, but elegant design is sure to impress family and friends. The gently contoured shelves are paired with Aluminum poles and tempered glass which can load weight up to 60kg. It is the ideal place to safely store your TV and accompanying components to display them at their best. On the top of the TV floor stand you can display your LCD/HDTV. And on the bellow several steps, you can store any audio/video system or any accompanying components which can save you space and make the living room regularly arranged.

If you’re looking for a specialty TV floor stand, please click here to learn more information about it. Free shipping is available for this item. Time and quantity are limited, don’t be hesitate to take one!

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