123inkcartridges.ca is hiring now!


123ink.ca is hiring now!
123ink.ca is hiring now!

123ink.ca is preparing for its expanding growth in 2012, more work opportunities will offer in the recruitment market.

123ink.ca is hiring in the hope of filling new positions of the company. During the first quarter of 2012, it hopes to fill at least 10 positions at a newly opened Marketing department, one position for Accounting department and two positions for Product & Warehouse department.

“Growth is our plan, and we do plan to continue to grow in 2012. The manpower is the first thing we are considering with. ’’ Said Jack Zhan, the CEO of 123ink.ca. At the beginning of 2012, the company opened a new Marketing department to accomplish their marketing goals. The company announces to hire more than 10 full-time employees over the coming months in their Marketing department. The positions will be advertising analyst, web content coordinator, SEM specialist, Web designer, Product information journalist, Copy writer, video editor, SEO specialist.

‘‘We already have an amazing team of qualified people in our department, the expanding hiring plan will improve our development prospects. I hope we will find more creative, talented individuals to join our team.’’ Said John Zhang, the chief marketing manager.

In 2012, 123ink.ca has ambitions of building an international e-commerce website which is trusted and participated by customers. ‘‘We will continue to invest in ourselves, employees and infrastructure…We are prepared for more opportunities in 2012.” the company is optimistic about their business prospects.

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