10 Suggestions for Nokia’s upcoming Windows Tablet by end of year

According to DigiTimes’s report, Nokia is planning to release a Windows 8 tablet in the fourth quarter of year. Word came that Nokia is working on a plan to join hands with Google to hit into the markets by building an ARM-based Windows 8 tablet with a dual-core Qualcomm platform and having a 10-inch display layout design.  Although mass of the Tablets are similar to each others in the present market, perhaps the Windows 8 Tablet has chance to break the existing marketing setup . It is said that the features and performance of windows 8 Tablet will stand out far from the Apple’s IOS or Google’s Android Tablets.

As far as I’m concerned, this is  Nokia’s first  act to dip tiny toe in tablet market. Though there’s definitely a new opportunity coming for Nokia to gain and enhance its market share, this Windows 8 Tablet should probably come up to the 10 standards below in the effort to make a success.


1. Large sized  HD displays appearance

As for a device equipped with full desktop operating system, it’s required a least 10.1 inch display or more in order to facilitate the convenience of users’ operation.

2. Unique design

Learned from Apple’s successful experience, Nokia gotta come out with original and particular design concept to impress users.  For Nokia, unique design doesn’t mean to defenitely surpass Apple’s ipad, but it has to equip with plenty of originality in order to keep users’ eye on it.

3. Quad-core processor

The new Ipad has an AX5 processor that can offer four times performance than before. So if Nokia wants to stand out to take the cake, they should really consider with this setting.

4. 4G LTE

In order to keep up with the rapid pace of technology developpement, Nokia has to make the wise decision to have this 4G LTE tech on its tablet.  Wi-Fi and 3G are great choice indeed, but 4G LET should be the domination of future trends

5.  Race to occupy the American Market

Unfortunately, Nokia always act slowly on marketing its product to American Market. If the Windows tablet wants to make threats to its competitors, it should firstly release it in the North American market.

6.  Set up the competitive and attractive price

Price is always the core factor concerned by consumers. The way to stand out is to provide users with a functional and likable tablet by lowing the price as much as possible to fascinate the potential customers.

7.  Explore a new way to catch public’s attention

Looking at the recent device sold by Nokia, it’s not hard to realize that they aren’t as popular as before. They have already lost the appeal.  It will be tough for Nokia to win if it doesn’t change this situation and find a new way to draw customer’s eyes.

8.  Determination of covering all the consumer

As Nokia’s new tablet is coming out, it will have the chance to seize both the individual and institutional customers at the same time by concepting a general and popular operation system.

9. Mass Memory capacity

For the moment, Apple has just published a 64G new Ipad, which is far not good enough for users.  Therefore Nokia has to keep this in mind to put out a high capacity memory tablet.

10. Whole New brand

To Project a whole new brand is a wise way to differentiate with its previous so-so Lumia brand used in WP7 mobile phone.  This act will not allow users, to some extent, to bring the former disappointing WP7 cell phone image to their mind whenever they see the new Window 8 Tablet.

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