PREMIUM Optical Toslink Cable- Make your own Sound Beast!

75ft PREMIUM Optical Toslink Cable

75ft PREMIUM Optical Toslink Cable

#1 Optical Toslink Cable

Are you building up your own Home Theater system? If the answer is positive, then you should definitely check our 75ft PREMIUM Optical Toslink Cable, this is one of the premium quality optical audio cable that we would love to recommend to our clients due to its reasonable prices and logivity. No matter if you are plan to use this optical toslink cable to your home threater receiver, digital signals prossors, DAT, DSS receiver, Divx/DVD players or even far to consoles like Sony Playstation 2 &3 or even Xbox, as long as it have the full size toslink optical audio connections, it will be all applicable.


All the features of our 75ft PREMIUM Optical Toslink Cable are presented on the following list:

  • The heavy 0.0mm jacket enhance the cable durability by prevent the cable damage into the maximum level
  • Gold plated ferrote avoided the corrosion from time to time on the connector tip
  • The fiber into the cable precisely polished which leads the signal transfer even faster than the normal toslink cable

P.S. please do not forget to remove the plastic tip protectors from the cable, it should be either shiny, metal or gold, which you have to remove it before attempting to install the cable.


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