Microsoft ARC TOUCH Wireless Mouse V.S. Microsoft ARC LASER Wireless Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse

With the touch of a finger, you can flat and pop-up a mouse?! Unbelievable, no? the newest Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse has now this magic TOUCH function! Compare to the previous version Arc Laser Wireless, Arc Touch Wireless is a real technical innovation and it is the most wildly designed mouse ever!

Take your notebook PC everywhere, That’s the goal of the Arc™ Mouse. Expanded, folded Arc Laser was the most innovative concept mouse, but it only could fold to 60% of its fully expanded size. Compare to Arc Touch, there is no equal in look and feel. Arc Touch mouse is the first mouse designed to flatten for portability and pop up for comfort. You can pack Arc Touch flat when on the go, and pop it up when in use. The entire device is less than 15mm thick, it takes up virtually no room in your bag. En plus, the innovative materiel of Arc Touch makes it more comfort when in use.

Besides the design concept, let’s compare their performance:


Microsoft Wireless Arc Laser Mouse Microsoft Wireless Arc Touch Mouse


Type: 2.4GHz Wireless  30-Foot Wireless Range 2.4GHz Wireless  30-Foot Wireless Range The 2.4 GHz wireless USB Nano Transceiver connects wirelessly right out of the box with virtually no interference and has up to 30-foot wirelesses range.
Interface: USB USB
Tracking Method: Laser BlueTrack BlueTrack technology makes the mouse can work on difficult surfaces—rough glossy, or soft.
Buttons 4 2
Scrolling Capability 1x Wheel Touch Scroll Strip No wheel, with Touch function, Click. Tap. Flick. Control the mouse.
Operating System Supported Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
Mac OS X v10.2–10.5
Windows XP, Windows Vista
Power Supply 2x AAA batteries 

Battery Status Indicator

2x AAA batteries 

Power On and Off

Battery Status Indicator: 

the Battery Status LED Indicator glows red when the battery is running low.

Power On and Off:

Curve to turn on. Flatten to turn off. No button to switch. A green light flashes to show the battery is working, and then turns off to save battery life. Up to 6 Months of battery Life.

Transceiver position Snap-in Transceiver Snap-in Transceiver Micro-Transceiver snaps into the bottom of the mouse

Using a capacitive sensing technique and sensor pads, Microsoft Touch Arc features a capacitive touch scroll strip that allows you to take control of their scrolling with a flick of a finger.  Move a finger slowly on the strip for controlled scrolling, or flick a finger for hyperfast scrolling that can be stopped with just a simple tap. En plus, The strip also has three tap “buttons” for added functionality: page up, page down and the middle click area, which is reprogrammable for whatever mouse function the user needs most.

This may be the beginning of the end for the scroll wheel, no? Just feel the speed and responsiveness to your touch! Arc Touch Mouse is available now for the price of $54.99 on Don’t miss this mouse, a perfect fit for your hand and your mobile lifestyle, click the link and make order today!


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