Her Choice HERCULES DIAMOND 2.0 Speaker Performs Well

HERCULES XPS Diamond 2.0 USB Speaker

Here we come is the nice season, spring is coming. We probably have more time to a café with our laptop and tablets. Enjoy the sunshine and amazing talking with friends. Wait, you might would like to have a portable speaker with you to enlighten your fancy afternoon also.  Well, do we really need to have portable speaker with us when we bring our laptop out?  I guess the outlook of the speaker and the stereo experience the speaker brings to the users will be the two vital points to this question.

Let’s see the HERCULES XPS DIAMOND 2.0 Speaker with stunning appearance which girls would be love it so much. Elegant diamond outlook would increase your desire to take it out. Only 3.5 inches in diameter each which won’t be your burden at all.  And the chic look would be completely catch other’s eyes at first glance.

Then I also can’t deny the impressive sound experience the DIAMOND speaker brings to me. It features satellite which means the speaker dose not reproduce bass frequencies. And Magnetic shielding shields help avoid disturbing the display when the speaker is touching a CRT screen.

Besides, I am satisfied with XPS Diamond’s performance in songs or in a game. This little speaker not quite good at bass, the subwoofer can’t be felt too much when you play a game and watch a movie, which means some bomb in the movie sound really weak. But it do create really remarkable general sound environment. The vocals are clear, which means the low and mid-range sounds are played well. It’s won’t be too tinny as your original laptop would be. That will be nice on enjoy trance, jazz and bosanova music.

Another, there is a remote control which has 3 buttons, volume up, down, mute on the speakers’ wire. They are big and easy to reach. It is hardly to see in the portable speaker, but don’t worry, it comes useful especially when you play a game.

Well,last but not at least ,the price is nice too, $47.99 in 123InkCartridges, you will own the brilliant ,chic and powerful HERCULES XPS Diamond speaker soon.



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