ESOME Speedy Mouse with Fancy Pattern ON SALE $11.99


123InkCartridges now has quite a lot ESOME speedy mouse in our stock. With beautiful drawing on surface which use the water transferring technology. The pattern won’t chip off easily by the long time hand touching. Most of the users have the concept that the fancy thing won’t be functional. We’d better believe that the manufactures are all try their best to provide good technology also a nice design to users as well. Like Apple; design department is important to the manufacture now. The beautiful thing still easy to use.

For these Mouse, the chic appearance is and unique design is really comfortable in using. 2.4Ghz wireless technology which won’t disrupt by the crowded environment. In addition, there is nano receiver hidden in the mouse button. The scroll easily in any direction the laser tracks accurately and responsively.

Now 123InkCartridges has several kinds pattern for you to choose. The slim and chic design also is easy for the user to carry out everywhere with your laptop. The price also reasonable $11.99 and it was $16.99. Don’t hesitate to add it to your cart now.


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