$13.99 Pure Aluminum Notebook Cooling Pad On Sale

Cooler pad for notebook

Most of the students and office workers used their laptops for long time gaming, entertainment programming or others more which causes overheating. Before choose one right for your laptops, you’d better know some tips here.

The purpose of the cooler pad is to cool down your laptops so that it doesn’t overheating and break down. The good cooler pad should durable, quiet, portable and powerful. And last but not at least ,it should not be expensive.

RX-878 pure aluminum notebook cooling pad design with X shape, looks fashion and cool. It features as 12*12 cm with silent LED built inside. Also there is a speed adjust switch inside, the user could control fans spinning speedy which means to control the cooling power conveniently. The big fan in the center allows hot air dissipated form your laptop to circulate well making your laptop cooler. The positioning of the fans is important as well. Be sure about where your laptop gets hot, RX-878 provides multiple-angle which could adjust the height and angle easily. The user could find perfect position to better cooling the laptop, and also have a comfortable view to type. Another, this fan weighs only 0.73 kg which is easy to carry on. Besides, this notebook cooling fan has tow USB hubs.

RX-878 pure aluminum notebook cooling pad is perfect choice of cooling pad for those people who use their laptop all the time. 123InkCartridges now offer you almost half price of its original’s, $13.99. We have weekly special please check our website frequently, bring more surprise to you. And the sweepstakes is run on our facebook. Don’t miss the chance to get a big gift for your new year.


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