Facebook XBOX sweepstake Event [Jan 18-Feb 18 2012]

XBOX sweepstakes 123ink.ca

XBOX sweepstakes 123ink.ca


Greeting Fans,

We 123InkCartridges are very happy to announce that our next FACEBOOK event will be arrived within few days. Unlike the previous event, this time we are aiming for something different, we are running a sweepstakes event and the winner will get a XBOX 360! Please do not forget that we will also reward everyone who participate our Facebook event by giving out our Facebook exclusive 10% OFF coupon code + the chance to win an XBOX 360, we believe that this is not something that you wanted to miss, so please forward this to your friends and family to get more chance for winning the prize, enjoy the event!!!

Date: Jan 18- Feb 18 2012

Prize: XBOX 360

Step 1- Like/ recommend our Facebook page

Step 2- Answer the question “What are the most preferable product that you would like get from 123InkCartridges” on our wall.

Step 3- clicks the XBOX Sweeps tab on the left among the tab and filled out the form, it only takes you less than 2 minutes to be completed.

Step 4- For the people participate our event, you will receive a 10% off coupon via Facebook message inbox or email and you will be also automatically become candidate for attaining our sweepstaking, our agent will contact you if you have been selected as a winner from us.

Please remember that we will notify the XBOX winner through the email and having their picture on our profile picture after the event expired on Feb 18, however, we will providing the coupon code during the event period which is between Jan 18, 2012 to Feb 18, 2012.

Xbox facebook sweepstakes event

Click to enter Xbox facebook sweepstakes event

















































Tutorial how to use the coupon code (BLOG)

How to redeem the coupon code (VIDEO- from the previous event but shared similar procedure)


Term and Condition

The coupon code given period will be between Jan 18- Feb 18 2012. Details regard to coupon application are presented here, with purchase and limited quantities only. Contest open to all resident in Canada who have reached the age of majority. Details are presenting in the following:

1- A coupon code cannot combine with other coupon and can use for one time only.

2- Our coupon code cannot be refund, customer will be only given one coupon per event

3- Our XBOX Sweeps event and the coupon code that we offer during the event will be expired on Feb 18, 2012

4- Our Facebook special event coupon will not apply for resellers

5- Please understand that our special coupon code will NOT apply for ON SALE, OEM and low profit items

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