123InkCartridges just celebrated the New Year with its 1st sweepstake event,what will be the next?

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123inkcartridges facebook

123inkcartridges facebook


In January 2012, we witnessed a great improvement for the social network, our 123inkcartridges Facebook fans are skyrocketed, sale volume has increased dramatically, we know that are not coincidence and we could never complete this alone . For 123InkCartridges, the recent improvement regard us as a milestone which demonstrated our creativeness in term of the social media. By expressing our gratitude to the current and former supporters, we hosted our Xbox 360 sweepstake” event, each participant will be rewarded a special coupon code, as well as the chance to win an xbox 360 console, and we ensure all of you that, THIS WILL NOT BE THE END.


For me as marketing via social network, it is not merely about dumpster diving about advertisements, moreover, it also encompasses social interaction and knowledge sharing by offering customers an interactive platform to speak out what they want. Keeping this idea in mind, we have decided and transform our social network page in a more personalize and friendly manners, that all means building relationship by providing helps, become a knowledgeable source and at the same time reward to the people that they deserve, and that will be our expected destination.

So what is coming up on the next, the idea is pretty simple. We will consistently hosting event such as sweepstakes, coupons, surprises..etc, since the idea is to reward the poeple who support us at the same time make our virtual space become fully interactive, so we might need your help to make our space become more eligible, if there is any prize, any request or item that you are interested for, please do not hesitate to write to me at on our Facebook wall page you will not regret by typing those few words since you won’t know what you are going to get at next! Support 123InkCartridges Facebook!

Thank you!

Andrew  <andrew@3cps.ca>

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