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It is true that Apple’s iPhone 4S reservation policy are a bit frustrating for the person who wants to get the iPhone4S before the upcoming Christmas, the new reservation system now required all the people who are willing to buy only by reserving the unit online before the purchase for the next day, the approach for such method can be prevent the huge waiting line at the store but also, increase the level of disappointment for the people who have been spending hours reserving but got nothing in the end. Even many journalists and commentators believe that such new iPhone 4S reservation policy is innovative, but according to individual customers’ perspective, if you are not able to reserve online because the limited quantity of stocks, it actually make people pissing off more, so speaking from my own experience, today I am going to show my tips how do I reserve my iPhone 4S in a strategically way after many times of tryouts and failures.

First at all, I agree the fact that Apple’s reservation policy might be efficient for the company, however for customer’s point of view, it is very confusing and most of us don’t even bother to ask directly from the Apple staff, some people have even told me that they don’t even know where to find the “Reserve” button, so let’s start this step and step and I will highlight all the requirements that you will need before reservation, and all the pre-requested has to be ready before 9:00 pm since that is official that Apple will release the stock according to their web site, however, I am highly recommend you to get everything ready around 8:40 pm since it only takes few minutes or even sec before completely run out of stock.

how to reserve iPhone 4S online

how to reserve iPhone 4S online













Things keep in mind:

  • Make sure you got an Apple ID registered
  • Use legal name to register (I know this is stupid but no nickname!)
  • Have reservation page opened
  • Make sure you pick up the right store location
  • Multiple computers and Apple accounts are suggested


The iPhone 4S reservation actually is kind of easy in term of the procedure, however that make it so hard is because they are all the time showing the “Unavailable” because the huge traffic loads and people who wanted to order, to simplify the procedure, there are only 3 steps and I will explain what to do one by one. If you are lucky enough, then you will never need the detail information for the reservation, but there are always people who are unlucky and had spent day or even week but without getting anything since they are out of stock all the time.

  1. Go to Apple page
  2. Click the grey iPhone tab on the top of the web site and scroll down looking for “visit a store” at the button of the page where it says “find a store” and clickreserving iPhone 4S at apple store
  3. reserving iPhone 4S at apple store
  4. A reservation page will pop out and click reservation and choose the store location that you are going to pick and click “next” then you will be able to reserve if there is stock.
How to buy iPhone 4S

How to buy iPhone 4S










Tips and trick:

May be this is a bit subjective and may be not accurate, but this is from personal experience and I have done this for two times which I found it reliable. First of all, I highly doubted the time that Apple they said that they will be released or open the option for us to reserve at 9:00 pm, however, I found this strange since I got my item reserve at 8:58 pm, may be is the time differences but what it matters is YOU NEED TO HAVE THE RESERVATION PAGE OPEN AND BE READY, usually what I did is having the some computers with me and both run on the iPhone 4S reservation page, and I start keeping “refresh” the reservation page (F5) continusly until I see the option available since most of the time you will only see unavailable, the available option will be shown in a button where you can click it, usually you start repeating that process from 8:56, usually the iPhone 4S will be completely run out of stock after 9:02pm and sometimes even 30 seconds after 9:00pm so in this case speed really matters, if you are able to get in the option and choose the option, do not waste too much time on typing your name or information, please know that there is chances that you will be kick out if the stocks are unavailable again during the time that you are typing. I guess that is it, hope that above trick might be helped and enjoy shopping then.



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