What is HDMI? why do we need HDMI cables?

What is HDMI?

what is hdmi?

what is hdmi?

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What is an HDMI cable exactly? In general, HDMI is known as “high definition multimedia interface”, it is pretty much a digital alternative to analog standard, a combination compact which allows uncompressed digital data travel via audio and video interface. You can pretty much refer to the old time when you are using composite video, S-video, VGA..etc. The purpose of using HDMI cable vary ranging from DVD player, camcorder, PC, video game consoles, tablet computer to even mobile devices, monitors or whatever that comes with the HDMI support, you can’t really avoid by using HDMI cable since most of the electronic devices nowadays support full HDMI ports for better qualified resolution image and audio excellence.


For the HDMI specification, generally, HDMI cable has been defined by the protocols, signal interface and mechanical requirements from the different standard. Examples between the HDMI 1.0 to be varies in comparison to the HDMI 1.3 vesion, the maximum pixel for HDMI 1.0 will be 165 MHz clock rate and which is sufficient supporting the 1080p (1920x 1200), in the order hand, the HDMI 1.3 will increase its rate to 340 MHz, which is compatible to even a higher resolution (2560x 1600), without even mentioning the newest 1.4 HDMI cable, which is much higher than the old versions.

HDMI connectors

There are 5 types of connectors in total, naming from Type A to Type E. For the Type A and Type B, they both are belong to HDMI 1.0 specification, the Type C has been categorized into the HDMI 1.3 version, and the last two types both Type D and Type E have been defined into the HDMI 1.4 specification.

Starting the Type A, basically it doesn’t have much physically appearance differences in comparison to the others, the only differences that you can define whether it is Type A by checking the plug connector with the inside dimensions with 13.9mm x 4.45mm and also the nineteen pins structure, and for the female connector, the dimension insider are 14mmx 4.55mm. The Type B connector are a bit different, it has 29 pins and the connector dimension are 21.2x 4.45, it doubles the video band width from Type A, and compatible to high resolution up to 3840x 2400. For Type C connector, define by its Mini connector for HDMI 1.3 version, the purpose of this invention is intend for portable device design, since it is much small than Type A connector but share the same 19pin configuration. For the Type D series, the Micro connector keeps the standard for the Type A and C which is 19-pins, however, the Type D connector has the dimension of 2.8mm x6.4mm which resembles to the micro-USB. The Type E connector is the last technology which specifies to the HDMI 1.4 Cables, for the standard, it supports range from 720p to 1080p, automotive and with Deep color supports and the most important is its double up high speed of signal transmission. The detail table are present at the following:

HDMI version 1.0–1.2a 1.3 1.4
Date initially released December 29, 2002 June 22, 2006 May 28, 2009
Maximum clock rate (MHz) 165 340 340[56]
Maximum TMDS throughput per channel (Gbit/s) including 8b/10b overhead 1.65 3.40 3.40
Maximum total TMDS throughput (Gbit/s) including 8b/10b overhead 4.95 10.2 10.2
Maximum throughput (Gbit/s) with 8b/10b overhead removed 3.96 8.16 8.16
Maximum audio throughput (Mbit/s) 36.86 36.86 36.86
Maximum color depth (bit/px.) 24 48[A] 48
Maximum resolution over single link at 24-bit/px[B] 1920×1200p60 2560×1600p75 4096×2160p24
Maximum resolution over single link at 30-bit/px[C] N/A 2560×1600p60 4096×2160p24
Maximum resolution over single link at 36-bit/px[D] N/A 1920×1200p75 4096×2160p24
Maximum resolution over single link at 48-bit/px[E] N/A 1920×1200p60 1920×1200p60


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