The Tiny Sound Beast- Kross Bazooka Tango USB Stereo Speaker

kross-bazooka-tango stereo speaker

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Today we 123InkCartridges introduce you the Kross Bazooka Tango USB Stereo Speaker, with the minimum price which is currently selling as cheap as $9.99 (was $16.99), you will be fully enjoy the portability by bring outstanding sound outdoor, at the same time, this USB stereo speaker suit the best decoration tool in your living room or working environment, if you are looking for strong visual impact and great qualified sound, then choosing our Kross Bazooka Tango USB Stereo Speaker will definitely be a nice option.


The Kross Bazooka Tango USB Stereo Speaker features amplified crystal clear sound with two speakers, this product is magnetically shielded which enhances the durability, with nice volume control and USB power imput with the USB port or any external power 5V, quite energy efficient and extremely portable, with this item on hand, you can easily share your favorite music with your friends and family. If you ever consider buy a small gift for them, then this might be the perfect option to think of it. This product product is current selling in both red and black color, for further information; please consult our official page at


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