Speed up your network–TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch TL-SG1008D

Are you looking for a desktop switch which is suitable for the home, the office even a work group? A switch which can increase your computer network speed and guarantee quick transfer of files? If you’ve already done some researches, you’ll know the 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch TL-SG1008D will be your best choice.

8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch TL-SG1008D

8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch TL-SG1008D

The TP-Link Desktop Switch TL-SG1008D can improve your network server and backbone connections and speed up your old network to 1000Mbps.This speed can ensure the instant transfer of the graphics, CGI,CAD, or multimedia large files across the network. Adopted the non-blocking switching architecture, the TL-SG1008D Switch can greatly improve your network response times and significantly speed up the traffic sub-nets.

No configuration is needed, the 8-Port TL-SG1008D switch is very easy to use as just plug-and-play. Each port of this 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch can be used as general ports or Uplink ports. You can simply plug your server, hub, router or switch into any port using the straight cable or crossover cable.


To monitor the link status and activity, the diagnostic LEDs of this TP-Link 8-Port Switch will help you to quickly detect and respond to network problems. Don’t worry about the compatibility, don’t need to throw away your old network investments, the TL-SG1008D switch is compatible with all 10Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1000Mbps Ethernet devices while provides you a faster speed.

Last but not least, this TL-SG1008D 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch applies the energy-efficient technologies that can greatly expand your network capacity while consume much less power. Moreover, to “go green” by limiting the carbon footprint of your network, the power consumption can be automatically adjusted according to the link status and cable length.

Isn’t it a nice choice of desktop switch? Easy to use, speed up your network, wide range of compatibility, energy-efficient, the 8-Port Switch TL-SG1008D is perfect for your home or office. Now check the newly arrived electronic products at 123ink.ca, you’ll find what you need!

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