On Guard your Laptop now with our Portable Laptop Security Lock



Do you know that they will be a laptop got stolen in this world for every three minutes? Now is the time for you to on guard your laptop by choosing our ComboSaver® Combination Portable Laptop Security Lock, with our security lock no hand, you will be able to protect your laptop from the theft, easy installation and removal procedure, and extremely portable, with the minimum price which is currently selling as cheap as $32.99, you will be able to enjoy the complete security which this product offer you, get one with the cheapest price.

The ComboSaver® Combination Portable Laptop Security Lock offers keyless four wheel combination lock with the 10k possibilities combinations for preventing your privacy information become invaded, since it is activiate from online registration so you can retrieve combination passcode online, so you don’t need to worry about your forgotten combination code. Moreover, this security lock is tight fit with Kensington security slot, with the self-coiling cable which length as long as 1800mm, with the simplistic easy view windom and grip dials, the design just make this product very easy to use at the same time offers perfect protection against the thieves, it is the time that you should on guard your PC !

For more information, please do not hesitate to consult our official web page at 123inkcartridges, we thank you for the time and consideration for being with us.


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