Improve your music experience- Logitech MetroFi 170 Earbuds

Logitech MetroFi 170 Earbuds

Logitech MetroFi 170 Earbuds


Logitech is probably one of the well-known brand for desktop peripherals including keyboard, mouse to speakers, but recently they have been selected “in-ear earphone” as their next destination target, this is something what we music lovers would love to see. Today we 123InkCartridges introduce you our Logitech Ultimate In-Ears MetroFi 170 Noise-Isolating Earbuds, with the cheaper price but superior performance that it gives, paying this earphone for $38.99 is pretty much not a big deal consider the fact that how long it lasts and how low the price it is. Our MetroFi 170 Noise-Isolating Earbuds will be ultimate solution if you appreciated better sound blast directly into your ears, order one at

The Logitech Ultimate In-Ears MetroFi 170 Noise-Isolating Earbuds offers premium sound quality by make all the sound layer even clearer than any traditional earphone. The solid advantage for this earphone not only considering sound quality the priority, moreover, it offers protection box where you can place your earphone to avoid unnecessary damage that might cause on the earphone cable, in the package it provides 3 sizes of buds which allow you to choose for your auditory comfortability, The MetroFi 170 earphones will always be the most durable earphone but come with the minimum price in the market, it is time to get one if you listen to music a lot.

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