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Fellows Pro Series Mouse Pad with wrist pillow (Black)

At the previous blog we introduce you the Belkin Components Standard Mouse Pad, this time, we are bring something real amazing especially for gamers- the Fellows Pro Series Mouse Pad with wrist pillow, it just has been arrived recently and we are selling it for $24.99, what a good deal huh? No matter if you are playing game that need higher accuracy (CS) or massive flexibility and control (BF3 or the upcoming Diablo 3), with this perfect mouse pad on hand, you will be able to feel and control every motion that you command without being regret. Support our Fellows Pro Series Mouse Pad.

The Fellows Pro Series Mouse Pad with wrist pillow (Black) provides extraordinary and support in the palm for your hand with the Fellowes professional Series Palm Support! Coming with the high qualified material which relieves pressure on the wrists which generated from the long hours of working, this invention prevent nerve system damage or any other carpal tunnel related syndrome, the smooth design greatly improved the mouse performance, now you will be able to move effortlessly on the mouse pad, last more important thing, this mouse pad has been certified by the international academy of Ergonomics, with this credibility in mind, this will ensure players got ultra performance rather than before. Choose 123InkCartridges for the best mouse pad at the minimum price !!!!

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