$29.99 Get Microsoft Wireless Chargeable Mouse 7000 Now

Microsoft Wireless Chargable Mouse 7000

Microsoft Wireless Chargable Mouse 7000

Mouse is no more for drag and click only now, it carries more functions that make you control everything in one hand.123InkCartridges recommend  Microsoft Wireless Chargeable Mouse 7000 is definitely the first choice for you, rewards your fingers with this remarkable right-handed rechargeable mouse.

The unique and executive design of Microsoft Wireless Chargeable Mouse 7000 is comfortable for use. And its laser tracks accurately and responsively. The body of the Wireless Mouse 7000 is fit for your hands with relative ease. Especially the curves of the 7000 force your hand, forearm, wrist and fingers form a straight line, which help users correct distort positions and eliminates wrist contortion when they use the classic mouse shapes. According the report, it is said that there are almost 7000 people feels very comfortable, even after a long day’s work.

Microsoft Mouse 7000 is confident with its wireless connection which up to 30-foot range, even in crowded wireless environments. This mouse has five configurable buttons make you quick access to the media, programs and files you use most often with customizable buttons. There are 2 on top, 2 on the side, and the center dial also doubles as a button. For the Vista users, the dial button and the forward button on the side of the mouse are set to engage “Flip 3D”and “Magnifier” by default. Also, the forward button engages screen magnifier in Mac OS X as well.  The dial itself could scroll vertically and horizontally because of a side-to-side tilt function.

In short, the Microsoft Wireless Chargeable mouse 7000 is ideal for day to day use, since it is not a gamer mouse that tracks at 1000 dots per inch. Come to 123InkCartridges get one now, $29.99 is such a low price in Black Friday period. Only 1 in Stock hurry up.



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