123InkCartridges is finally arrived on Gazette’s Business Spotlight page!!!

123inkcartridges on The Gazette

123inkcartridges on The Gazette

Just like other companies who had the vision to become big, we 123inkCartridges do share the similar goal and expectation, that one day we are going to become a giant visible retailer cost-leader rather than the unknown anonymous that we were from the past. Today, we have came across another milestone by bring 123InkCartridges further to the local newspaper- The Gazette Montreal, this is a truly appreciation from us. We believe that the publicity in the Gazette will help us to expand our brand name even further than before, at the mean time, we wanted to thank all our fans for the one who have been endlessly support our products and services from time to time, without our 123inkcartridges’ supports, we won’t be able to go this far.

As being one of the retailing industries who dedicated to their clients the satisfaction by consistently offering high quality product at the lowest cost, there are many customers or resellers who still maintain friendly and solid relationship with us which we really appreciated the fact that their “word-of-mouth” do really have a longer lasting effects and which is definitely one of the essentials inside our company. Since online shopping has already become a trend at the same time part of the routine that people love to spend their time with, this all mean possibilities to us, and hence we are here, for the promises of maintaining and even improving our products and services, as well as aiming for a larger scale market, for making our brand even more visible than before, and make more people happy and satisfy about how good our service is, those are all the idea that 123InkCartridges.ca had since established, and we knew that this day will finally come and our day will be shined.

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