The Facebook page- The DNA within 123InkCartridges itself

123InkCartridges Facebook

123InkCartridges Facebook














“By strengthen the valuable relationship with its customers, 123InkCartridges chooses Facebook to promote itself, the result seems to be positive rather than optimistic”


Many corporations choose social network the best method to communicate to their audiences because the popularity of viral marketing, is definitely not part of the exception at all. For the past three months, the company has progressively conducted several advertising campaigns on Facebook by hosting special events; the results have shown positive rather than optimistic.

On October 21th, has decided to expand further by hosting more special events exclusively to Facebook fans, the company believes that such act will eventually consolidate the valuable relationship between the company and customers through the process of interactions.

From the past special events, 123InkCartridges has not only dramatically increased the fans population; moreover, it has effectively integrated both creativity and advertising into one single entity. Compared to the previous records, the special events encouraged customers to be more willing to interact with the company on the Facebook wall page. The implementation of Facebook promotion enables 123InkCartridges to be both proactive and reactive at the same time.

Before we launched our Facebook events, we are kind of worry about what type of feedback that we are going to get… says Jack Zhan, the CEO from, who believes the fact that both innovation and communication are two of the key factors which in order for a company to be sustainable. For 123InkCartridges, Facebook is definitely one of the most potential but not the only, the company will ensure taking relevant approaches by consistently listening to what customers really need and acting behaviorally, at the same time, 123InkCartridges will searching for other applicable sources to send out messages and interact with the customers wisely.

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