Magic box D-Link ShareCenter 2-Bay NAS Storage Enclosure

When you have a glance at this steel black box –D-Link  Share Center 2-bay NAS Storage –first, you’d better know how amazing this product it is and how magic this product will bring to you. Generally, it is network storage which enables users to share documents, files, and digital media such as music, photos and videos with other users on a hope or office network. But this Share Center definitely carries more functions and we 123InkCartridges would introduce you its long list of features below. Now we offer you favorable Price $189.99 and only 2 in stock. Don’t miss this chance out.

DNS-325 is very easy to set up; you can insert an additional hard drive without using any tools or attaching any cables. It has a storage capacity of up to 4TB so that everyone could reach and share their documents everything to a central location and access them remotely over the internet. Plus this device is really intuitive Web interface.There is a built-in Web File server and FTP server to make accessing files remotely, even the file is big could be transfer quickly. Besides, the fast write speed because of the 10/100/1000 GB Ethernet port makes you access your data without wait.

Dlink Storage Enclosure DNS325

Dlink Storage Enclosure DNS325

There are two drive bays with RAID support which means it is like a backup fur your backup double security for your important data. So if one drive fails the unaffected drive will continue of function until the failed one is replaced. The Share Center has a built-in media server that can stream your photos, music and videos to all of the computers in your home and compatible to media players like Xbox, Boxee Box and PS3 so that you can enjoy it all on your TV. And there are no worries about the overheating in this device’s future. It come s with a quiet, built-in cooling fan works only when it needed, which saving your power and money.

By the way it matches for the Apple products, and USB port for sharing a printer.In short, D-Link Share Center Storage Enclosure is really ideal for family and small office. It would safely share your digital files locally and over the internet. Visit our website 123InkCartridges and order one now. It won’t be let you down.

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