Let The Bear Hold Your iPhone–Cartoon Bear Stand Arrived!

Does your mobile phone need a stand holder? How about a cute cartoon bear stand? Stylish and absolute cute, other than that, it’s useful and practical!

Adorable carton bear stand for iPhone/iPod/mobiles

Adorable carton bear stand for iPhone/iPod/mobiles

The four feet of the Adorable cartoon bear stand for iPhone/iPod/mobiles are flexible which you can bend to hug your phone. So holding horizontal or vertical is all possible and safe. A click on the back make it can stand on any flat surface. With this cartoon bear stand, you can enjoy your music video or movies without holding your phone. At home or in the office, the Bear stand for iPhone/iPod/mobiles is super portable so that you can bring it everywhere. Enjoy people saying ‘how cute’ whenever or wherever they see your Adorable cartoon bear stand. And it for sure creates a unique view for your desk decoration. Most importantly, the Bear Stand is compatible with cell phone, iPhone, iPod series product, MP3, MP4,etc.Buy one, you can use it for all of your small entertainment devices as a stand holder.


Now at 123ink.ca there are two colors available for this Adorable carton bear stand: yellow and brown. They are both adorable and can help you out if you don’t want to always hold your cellphone while watching movies on it!

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