How to use Coupon Code from 123InkCartridges

We have received many inquiries asking how to use our coupon code, so in the following content, we  are going to show you step by step with picture explanation how to apply our coupon code in our web site. Believe me, after you have finished reading this article, you will sooner realized that how simple the coupon application it is.

123inkcartridges coupon code tutorial

123inkcartridges coupon code tutorial 1















Step 1: Locate our site

Looking for our web site address under the name www.123inkcartridges, make sure that you get into the right direction, there are many similar sites like us using the similar domain, you can recognize the differences by checking again our link and also our brand logo.

coupon code 123inkcartridges

coupon code tutorial 2














Step 2: select the item

The next step that you need to do is to select the items that you wanted to purchase, in the picture that have shown, for example, I want to buy a Forta Shredder (highlighten area), simply choose the item and click “shop now”, a detail product information page will pop up immediately.

123inkcartridges coupon tutorial

123inkcartridges coupon tutorial 3















Step 3: product information

After you enter the product information page, you will have larger pictures which show the detail and the description about the product, simply click the “add to cart” for entering into the invoice page. For the person who is willing to know more about the product or the items related to it, you might check the right side of this page in which you can visit to “related Blog post” for individual blog post, as well as the recommendation section in which you will find all relevant item regard to the product you choose.

123inkcartridges blog coupon 4

123inkcartridges blog coupon 4















Step 4: enter your coupon code

Congratulation, you are almost there, in this page, a detail pricing and payment regarded page will pop up and in which you will see the total price, the coupon code bar is located under the pricing section, fill it with the coupon that we offered and press okay and that is it.


Note: Coupon code doesn’t apply to OEM, ON SALE or some low price products.


2 comments on “How to use Coupon Code from 123InkCartridges

  1. Cathy

    Ok so I’ve liked on Facebook, commented in the Recommendations and still no coupon code. Am I doing something wrong? HELP

    1. andrewlu Post author

      Don’t worry you don’t, just post on our facebook page and we will reply you after, with coupon code in your facebook message inbox of course 🙂


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