Flyfish Joystick for iPad/2 Upgrade your Gaming level

Since iPad has been released in the market, the periphery products are quite a lot and totally rock user’s world. Now 123InkCartridges would like to introduce you a really cool, funny products of iPad2. Flyfish Joystick, the portable real joystick for your iPad gaming.

Fly Fish joystick is made of top quality high-grade durable transparent PU material and comes in a fashionable design. The main function is game controller for iPad. Since it is pure physical rocker, you don’t need any external power supply. Simply with two small suction cups on each side connected to a plastic ring fixed on your iPad and play your game just like other game devices but with big screen.

flyfish joystick

flyfish joystick

There is a spiral that suspends an electrically conductive joystick in the center of the plastic ring, which works like a spring, always returning the joystick to the center. It provides tactile response with hepatic feedback; help you upgrade your skills and your game grade to the next level.  It is also with long life validation above 800’000 times.

The Fly Fish currently comes in 3 colors: brown, blue and transparent. And it compatible with the Hot games such as Death Rally, Real Football 2011,NBA Jam HD, Street Fighter,etc. Come to visit our Website 123InkCartridges,$9.99 enjoy your iPad/2 more .




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