Blue Star 650W Supply Power comes to Rescue low Energy

Blue Star 650W  PSU

Blue Star 650W PSU


Attention please,123InkCartridges has new product Blue Star ATX PSU Power Supply now, ensure and enjoy your computer never ended power with this when you saving documents and plying games. Best deal always in 123InkCartridges, only $30.99 while other website is around 40 bucks.

This Blue Star ATX power supply provides 650-Watts of output power and 115v/230v switchable voltage, which is enough power to last in your games and keeps your PC up and running. There are six large Molex connectors for connecting a multitude of peripherals, two serial ATA power connectors, and a single 4-pin floppy power connector. There is a single 120mm fan is built in and effectively keeps the power supply cooled.

Blue Star power supply is suitable as an energy efficient replacement,upgrade power supply for desktop PCs, and features Active Power Factor Correction and 20/24 pin motherboard support to deliver the flexibility needed to support AMD or Intel CPU-based entry-level servers, gaming PCs and high end work stations.

Now the cool black Supply Power is in our stock, chic appearance design with blue light on when the fan spinning. Blue Star 650W PSU provides dependable, long-lasting power while balancing maximum energy efficiency,comes to rescue low energy of your computer.You should have one without hesitation. 123InkCartridges sincerely recommend to you.  Order one now. And follow our facebook to get more promotions information.

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