A brief commentary refer to 123InkCartriges Facebook event

Facebook free shipping coupon event

Facebook free shipping coupon event




































Dear 123InkCartridges Fans,

For the past two months, we have been progressively conducting many events on social network, the main purpose for doing this is because we believe that fans like you should always get the reward that you deserved, thus, we have made it out two Facebook events, the result has been shown very positive rather than optimistic, we will ensure to offer the best service that we could at the same time keeping customers’ satisfaction level as priority.

To give a brief information for the people who hasn’t been to our Facebook page, we highly encourage you to do so. From the past two special events that we have hosted, 123InkCartridges has not only boosted it up our Facebook population by 10% in a short time, we have also integrated different elements which allow us to act both proactive and reactive concurrently, we are just very happy about the facts that people are starting to interact with us, and we never expected that we will made this huge milestone that far, and today we had made it, thank you so much for the supports, 123InkCartridgs Facebook Fans.

So what’s the next? Our plan will be consistently host more similar events and at the same use Facebook as a perfect media to communicate and listen what customers really want, and through the process of interacting, we will eventually know that what should be improved. Even through Facebook is definitely important to us, however, Facebook will not be the only, in order to converting fans’ interaction and inquires into wishes, we 123InkCartridgse will extend our social network web even further, meanly you will hear from us from other social media sites instead of Facebook soon, we will update more relevant information in here and please keep up to date to our web site as well as Facebook.

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