123InkCartridges FACEBOOK Halloween Event(Oct 28-Nov 1 2011)

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Are you excited for the upcoming Halloween? This time, we 123InkCartridges are doing something great than the previous by hosting Halloween event on Facebook, so a passionate Halloween fans like you will have the chance to celebrate with us or our fans virtually on Facebook. The event will be presented at the following:


PART I- Reverse trick or threat

This time, we are breaking our tradition by doing reverse trick or threat to our customers, and no! We don’t want candies, sweets but we want your feedbacks by filling out the blank for us, or, you can also be our judge by telling us who has the most creative idea in your opinion. Any words would be appreciated, let’s celebrate together on Facebook.


So the question will be:

“In this Halloween, I am gonna dress up like a ____________ (Be creative as possible) and I heard 123InkCartridges Facebook from ____________. (Be honest as possible)”

An example answer can be :

Example I-   1. Cat woman 2.Facebook friends

Example II-  I am gonna dress up like a cat woman and I heard 123InkCartridges Facebook from facebook friend

We will select the 50 lucky person among all candidates to give out either Free Shipping or 10% off discount coupon code to the people who participate our event. Our agent will contact you via Facebook private message inbox once you have been selected by us, please keep the message box privacy option open in order for us to forward you the coupon code.

Tutorial how to use the coupon code

Part II- Halloween costume contest

Just as how simple the title is, the second part of the events is Halloween costume, this time, we are going to let the fans judge who has the best costume ever, since the idea is to celebrate Halloween all together at our Facebook page, we appreciated for the people who is willing to participate on my Facebook wall page by giving their valuable feedback, at the same time, feel welcome for the person who is willing to share their own picture with us. Happy Halloween guys!!!!!!

Rules and regulations

The coupon code given period will be between October 28- Nov 1st, 2011. Details regard to coupon application are presented here, with purchase and limited quantities only. Contest open to all resident in Canada who have reached the age of majority. Details are presenting in the following:

1-       A coupon code cannot combine with other coupon together

2-       This coupon code cannot be redeem without making a purchase

3-       Our coupon code cannot be refund or trade for cash

4-       The coupon code expires on Dec 31, 2011

5-       Each Facebook fans will be only grant one coupon code ONLY in each single event

6-       Our facebook special event coupon will not apply for resellers

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