Monster Large Cable Management Kit Organize your Home Easily

Only 3 steps to keep your various kind of wires ,lines ,cables  neat and tidy with the Monster large Cable Management Kit. It comes in a 16-foot length which enough to organize whatever kind of cables you have. 123InkCartridges offer you $18.99 instead of $49.99 now. Don’t hesitate and order now.

monster cable management kit

monster cable management kit

This Cable management kit is especially ideal for organizing your home theater or office studio cables. It could hold eight to twelve cables ,1.6 inch almost 40mm diamerter, including audio or video cables, computer calbes, microphone cables and more.In addition,it could be cut to the desired length and provides an easy cable removal feature for a no-hassle hookup.

Simple insert the cables in the Monster Zipper, slide the cables and pull the zipper backwards! Just easy like that. And you won’t mess up with different kind of wires exposures on the floor, plus it’s not safe for children and the old because it will cause some accident such as falling down.

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